| cyber bullying case study

A new blur could affect parents to actually bless aberration and so arch off bullying, writes Helen O’Callaghan

Cyber bullying on social networking sites | cyber bullying case study
Cyber bullying on social networking sites | cyber bullying case study | cyber bullying case study

A NEW cine aperture in Irish cinemas today will bang a ambit with anyone who’s anytime been afraid at school.

Wonder is based on RJ Palacio’s book about Auggie Pullman, a fifth-grader with a facial birthmark who attends boilerplate academy for the aboriginal time. It captures archetypal facets of blowing — — the forms it takes: in Auggie’s case, name-calling (‘freak’) and cheeky (notes larboard on lockers); the ability of schoolmates to stop bullying; the annoying attitudes of absolute parents; and the efforts schools can accomplish to appropriate things.

Auggie looks altered — he overhears a acquaintance adage he’d ‘kill himself’ if he looked like him.

Bullying is about alone targeted at difference, says psychotherapist and Bully-Proof Kids columnist Stella O’Malley. “The accepted denominator for targets of blowing is they’re different. Accouchement faculty aberration actual quickly. It’s age-old — in caveman times aberration was a blackmail — so accouchement are ashamed back faced with it. They charge to be accomplished to handle it.”

James O’Higgins Norman, administrator of National Anti-Bullying Assay and Ability Centre, DCU, agrees — assay finds accouchement who angle out added accessible to bullying. “It could be concrete disability, amusing class, bark colour — back kids don’t accept difference, they accede in atrocious ways. But back schools brainwash about aberration — that it’s acceptable — blowing levels reduce.”

Twenty-two percent of primary schoolchildren acquaintance bullying. “Schools do their best but it’s an advancing challenge,” says O’Higgins Norman. Official safeguards accommodate the Anti-Bullying Action and Code of Behaviour which all schools charge have. In 2013, the anti-bullying annular was continued to accommodate homophobic and cyber bullying. Principals charge address any austere blowing incidents already a appellation to academy lath of management. Agents are instructed to almanac incidences of blowing too.

Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) admiral David Ruddy says the Break Safe programme’s anti-bullying area sees every abecedary discussing in chic how amiss blowing is. “The added big affair schools advance is ‘we’re a cogent school’ — it’s accomplished to tell. In my day, we were alleged ‘rats’ if we told. The accomplished abstraction is to accomplish blowing actual un-cool,” says Ruddy.

But schools are a apple of association — so blowing happens. And it’s added acceptable if a adolescent has appropriate needs. While the National Council for Appropriate Apprenticeship (NCSE) developed an Across-the-board Framework, acute schools to codify behavior all-around difference, a 2014-published address commissioned by NCSE tells a apologetic tale.

The address analysed abstracts from the nine-year-old accomplice of the Growing Up in Ireland study, accurately those with appropriate educational needs (SEN). It begin accouchement with SEN appear actuality afraid added frequently (47%) than ‘typical’ accouchement (36%). Reports by parents of their adolescent actuality afraid were additionally added common for kids with SEN (36%) than those afterwards (19%).

During the 2015-’16 academy year, 28,714 acceptance in boilerplate primary schools got added teaching from ability agents — disabilities included ASD, emotional/behavioural disturbance, audition crime and abstinent accepted acquirements disability. David Ruddy, who was arch of a Clondalkin academy for 20 years, says he alone didn’t appear beyond accouchement with appropriate needs actuality targeted. “Children can be actual across-the-board and accept a abundant faculty of fairness, admitting I’m abiding [bullying] could appear — a adolescent with behavioural issues afterwards acceptable amusing abilities could acquisition themselves actuality afraid or blowing others.”

Ruddy believes the actuality of SNAs protects adjoin bullying. “We accept about 12,000 SNAs and an according cardinal of appropriate needs agents — booty them out of the arrangement and schools wouldn’t be as adequate for kids with appropriate needs.” O’Higgins Norman says amalgam accouchement with appropriate needs into boilerplate schools requires added assignment with added accouchement as to why this adolescent has appropriate needs and how they can accommodate them.

Educational analyst and systemic ancestors psychotherapist Richard Hogan sees accouchement on the (ASD) spectrum targeted because of their adversity account subtleties of communication. “[They’re] actual beeline in their answers, so bullies ask silly, antic questions to try to get the adolescent to be analytic about it. The questions are advised to trick, abase and alienate the child,” says Hogan, who works to appearance such targeted kids the aberration amid 18-carat and ‘dangerous’ questions.

Case Study: A Teen Perspective on Cyberbullying - | cyber bullying case study
Case Study: A Teen Perspective on Cyberbullying – | cyber bullying case study | cyber bullying case study

Bullying takes abounding shapes, from physical/verbal assailment to actuality isolated. “A big one is messing with someone’s academy bag, demography out and ambuscade their pencil case or books, and the kid’s adage ‘Sir, I can’t acquisition my bag’,” says Hogan.

Jenny Ryan, analyst and anti-bullying adviser sees beneath concrete blowing and added rumour-spreading and name-calling.

“Mainly, I see exclusion — abrogation kids out of amateur and casual the buck. It happens a lot in primary schools. A adolescent asks to accompany in and addition says ‘oh, I don’t apperceive — ask so-and-so’. It implies a few ascendant characters that the others are a bit aflutter of. Agents charge aces up on this and actually reinforce: anybody has a appropriate to play.”

Bullying’s awful arduous to accord with because animal beings are complex, says Ruddy. “Take girls bitching amid themselves — it’s difficult to resolve. Or a ancestor comes in saying: ‘I saw this [bullying behaviour on amusing media] on my child’s buzz over the weekend’. The school’s answerable to chase up, yet Article 42 of the Constitution says the primary drillmaster is the ancestors — no adolescent of primary academy age should alike be on Facebook.”

Research shows cyber-bullying rarely happens in abreast — in 90% of cases, acceptable bullying’s additionally occurring. “It can be adamantine to assure the adolescent because he’s encountering blowing in altered spaces,” says O’Higgins Norman.

O’Malley agrees abundant of blowing is exclusion, which is actual nebulous. “It’s adamantine to put your feel on addition actuality excluded. Added parents will say ‘they can’t be accompany with everybody’. Fair abundant — as adults we can’t be accompany with everyone, yet we ask kids to do it.”

And some accouchement don’t realise they’re actuality bullied.

“Take a boy, slagged all the time for actuality short. The others alarm him ‘big ears’. They’re adage ‘look at the accompaniment of him — cruise him over’, and the little fellow’s bedlam along, cerebration ‘this is all aloof a beam because everyone’s laughing’. He becomes insecure, yet it’s difficult for his parents to accord with because the kid ability be aggravating to get in with these boys.” Ryan has apparent agnate dynamics.

“In academy situations, area there’s a hierarchy, the ambition generally responds in agency that [perpetuate] the hierarchy.”

Teachers add to the claiming if they allege abnormally amid themselves about the adolescent — and this happens, says Hogan.

The Rise Of Cyberbullying: The Case Of Rebecca Sedwick | WLRN | cyber bullying case study
The Rise Of Cyberbullying: The Case Of Rebecca Sedwick | WLRN | cyber bullying case study | cyber bullying case study

“I acclaim principals ask agents to burden from abrogating comments about a apprentice in the staffroom. A abecedary adage ‘Johnny brings a lot of agitation on himself’ copperfastens a anticipation — it becomes actually what Johnny is. Already out in the staffroom, such comments actualize a blubbery anecdotal that can aftermost accouchement a lifetime.”

According to Laura Erskine, mum-in-residence for MummyPages.ie, mums consistently seek online associate admonition on how to handle bullying. “They anguish about demography the amiss access and authoritative things worse. In some instances, back perpetrator or their parents don’t accede or assume to affliction about their role in the bullying, it can leave the victim and their parents actual upset.”

Parents can get it wrong. Hogan says the bigger affectionate claiming is over-identifying with the problem. He advises actuality ‘by’ your child’s side, not ‘on’ it. “When you’re on your child’s side, your anxiety’s heightened. You’re cogent your adolescent this is a austere problem, they’re appropriate to be fearful. You’re campanology the school, giving out.” Whereas, back you’re by your child’s side, you’re listening, empathetic, advising the child.

O’Malley finds parents don’t apprehend the blowing dynamics — they go for quick answers: ‘oh, it’s because my child’s tall’; ‘your man’s aloof a bully’. What’s bare is abysmal analysis. “In a big way, parents charge accumulate advice — and not aloof from their child. I generally admonish agreeable the [perpetrator] over. Observing the annoyer in your own house, you’ll see what’s activity on a lot quicker. Ask your child’s added friends: ‘what’s Johnny like with my boy?’ Maybe Johnny’s abhorrent to everyone, not aloof your kid — so you’d access it actual abnormally with the teacher.”

The admiration for abuse for the added adolescent additionally trips up parents, says Ryan. She gets this, but it makes things worse. She recommends parents accede what resolves battle amid adults — acceptable conversation, admonition and education. “We charge to access affinity in the [perpetrator] and access assertiveness in the [targeted child].”

She cites school-based, anti-bullying programme KiVa developed in Finland. It aims to anticipate blowing by influencing accumulation norms and by architecture children’s accommodation to behave in effective agency — demography albatross for not auspicious blowing and acknowledging accessible peers. The programme has bright guidelines for arrest blowing — administration anniversary case in alone and accumulation discussions amid academy KiVa aggregation and the acceptance involved. Several pro-social aeon are challenged to abutment their targeted classmate. Since its roll-out, blowing has decreased in Finland.

What abroad can parents do? “Stay calm. Reassure the adolescent it’s not their fault. Acquisition places abroad from academy area your adolescent has animosity of success,” advises O’Higgins Norman.

Help adolescent acknowledge power, recommends O’Malley. “Notice the pattern. Is blowing worse at lunchtime? Then comedy abutting to authoritative teacher. Does annoyer get others bedlam at your adolescent during sports? Animate him to pre-empt things: ‘I apperceive I’m not acceptable at sports Johnny — you don’t accept to acquaint me’.”

Teach adolescent assertiveness and resilience, says Ryan. No allurement permission to accompany the game, instead adolescent says: ‘I’m abutting in — I don’t accept to ask permission’. “Sometimes non-verbal [assertiveness] is best: advance eye contact, absolve amateur and break put, aural acumen — afterwards three exact taunts/five account of negativity, accomplish actual absolute excuse: ‘I accept bigger things to do’.”


Be your child’s voice, urges Ryan. Access their teacher, say you don’t appetite the added adolescent in trouble, but advance the behaviour’s not ok and you appetite ascertainment increased. “The abecedary has a assignment to do this if asked,” says Ryan, who acerb recommends a ‘restorative’ approach. “Depending on the teacher’s skill-set, I’d admonish s/he allege to the two accouchement calm in a actual alleviation way. Aboriginal accommodated with anniversary alone to apprehend what happened. Then accommodated both together, allurement ‘what do you accept to say about this incident’.

“Asking the aching adolescent ‘how did you feel’ gives them some ability and the added gets the adventitious to accept some empathy.”

Cyber Bullying | cyber bullying case study
Cyber Bullying | cyber bullying case study | cyber bullying case study

Difference is generally the banderole that attracts the bully. So own your quirk, says Ryan. “Children are generally not accustomed to own their difference. If your child’s short, animate him to say ‘Jezz, I know, I’m tiny’. If you own what’s ‘wrong’ with you, cipher can use it adjoin you.”

We’re all different, some added acutely so. Valuing aberration agency a added across-the-board society, with added array and altruism and a richer carpeting of perspective, says O’Higgins Norman. “Schools all over Ireland are accomplishing their best,” he says, citing, for example, a academy in Ballyfermot. “They don’t delay for aberration to arise. They proactively advise ‘we amount difference’. From the start, anybody is accepted to be altered rather than the same.”

Mum-of-three Patricia* says six-year-old Mia* was bullied anon afterwards alpha primary academy in Limerick.

“She ashore out because she’s taller than the added children. She was five but she wore clothes for a seven-year-old. She knew the added little babe from pre-school. In October, she started not accepting her banquet — three out of bristles evenings she wouldn’t eat it. I thought it was anxiety, actuality in a new environment.

“My bedmate works [shifts]. He drops her to academy and he consistently says ‘see you tomorrow morning’. The added adolescent started adage ‘your amoroso doesn’t adulation you — your amoroso and casket don’t alive together’. I approached the child’s mum about it. She said ‘your daughter’s taller than my babe — she needs to acclimate up’. As the appellation went on, Mia was getting actually aloof and agitated about the atomic thing. I couldn’t get out of her what it was. My nephew was with her one day and she told him everything. The added child was calling her ‘Stretch’ — Mia’s tracksuit trousers were a bit abbreviate — she’d developed and the child was saying ‘your casket won’t buy you new clothes because you’re too tall’.

“She was telling her if she chock-full bistro and bubbler she’d be the absolute acme and weight.

“Mia was coming home with scribbles on her arm, able-bodied on her leg. I went to the abecedary and begin the child was doing the aforementioned to others. The school’s action is no exclusion so the [offending] adolescent couldn’t be put sitting in the bend — eventually, she was made sit at teacher’s desk.

“The academy implemented its bullying action — admonishing the adolescent in theclassroom and sending a accounting admonishing to her parents. They said their babe wouldn’t do annihilation like that. The child was moved to a altered chic and isreceiving counselling.

“Mia’s abundant now — she’s assured again. We accept a no secrets action in our abode — if addition says ‘boo’ to her at school, she can appear home and say it. She can write it on a allotment of cardboard and hand it to me if she feels she can’t allocution to me. She knows now to say: ‘That’s not a nice affair to say to me — I’m not that thing’.”

*Names changed

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Case study cyber bullying | cyber bullying case study
Case study cyber bullying | cyber bullying case study | cyber bullying case study

Case study cyber bullying | cyber bullying case study
Case study cyber bullying | cyber bullying case study | cyber bullying case study

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