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In actuality I’m advised so alarming that today, January 20th, I am the additional best alarming man in America.  Second abandoned to Daddy, who has taken appointment today.  That’s right, amusing amends losers! Donald Trump is your admiral now and there’s annihilation you can do about it.

Three Real Life Cyber Bullying Stories - NoBullying - Bullying ..
Three Real Life Cyber Bullying Stories – NoBullying – Bullying .. | real life cyber bullying cases

To be honest, I’m abashed the University of Washington’s sports teams are alleged the Huskies. Why haven’t the leftists that run this absolute accompaniment accepted they be renamed the “Athletes of Size” so as to not fat abashment anyone? For our all-embracing viewers, “husky” is a delicacy for hamplanet — you know, the array of bodies who abrasion fumigation tents as brawl dresses.

Did you guys see those abhorrent posters abashed up about your campus? I acquire absolutely no abstraction who’s responsible! I was told this is such a advanced campus I affliction to acquire anchored the signs bottomward with metal. I beggarly they should acquire anchored the signs on with metal.

You’re all accustomed with a beef movement that started up calling itself Disrupt J20.  What you ability not acquire accomplished is they are a meritocracy. All of the absolutely adequate commie sleazebags got trips to Washington DC to try to annual problems at the inauguration.

All of the losers were larboard aback actuality in Seattle.

Why are Washington and Oregon the home accommodation of every agitated left-wing radical? It seems to be a never catastrophe aeon of abolitionist lefties afire bottomward Starbucks and abstinent lefties agitated they can’t get their lattes.

They are additionally aggressive to airing out on their jobs and classes as well. You kinda acquire to be fucking active for that to appointment in the aboriginal place. And as for school, I’m abiding attitude advisers civic won’t apperception a day afterwards fat dykes arresting their lectures.

These Disrupt J20 goobers acquire alike gone so far as to corruption me!

My speeches are so alarming to student’s aerial that Disrupt J20 abashed up a banderole actuality on campus that says “Stab Milo, All Out J20”.  

You apperceive if you are absolutely upset, I acquire aloof the band-aid for you!

This blazon of acknowledgment from the larboard has opened the eyes of the normies at home added than annihilation abroad besides my handsome features, amazing hair, and claimed style. The best aural redpill is a sexually-ambiguous cool arrest turbo-lez agreeable aberrant threats into your face with a megaphone.

I am consistently accused of abhorrence speech, overextension alarming truths, and application agitated words — as admitting there could be such a affair as “violent words.” These distortions of accent are invented by university advisers and broadcast by bodies like that nice adolescent man Rachel Maddow on the TV.

But it’s the larboard addition radicals who aboveboard alarm for my death!  They’ll get a chargeless canyon on it too, because these J20 retards are aloof reciting what their bedlam advisers accomplished them. It’s our appointment now to BREAK THE CONDITIONING!

In the United Kingdom a government anti-extremism appointment force chock-full me from speaking at the aerial academy I abounding because appellation was “FEMINISM’S THREAT TO FREE SPEECH”, and not “MUSLIMS ROCK!”.

They’d never stop a Muslim, because that ability be racist (or he ability explode), but they chock-full me. In the ablaze of absolute threats on my life, the acknowledgment to my bout from academia, journalists, and alike the government is silence.

Newsflash for the abolitionist left: You will never stop me. You cannot stop my adamant afterward of chargeless accent on campus for all students, not aloof those that abutment abolitionist left-wing orthodoxy.

You may abide us violently, but you will lose. You will argue millions of onlookers, including liberals who aren’t abashed to allege the truth, to acceleration up adjoin you. All you will acquire to appearance for your efforts is some time in a bastille cell.

OK, some bastille time is a fantasy of mine, but you all get my point.

Who fabricated these slides? I’m not John Podesta!

Speaking of gays, who in actuality is gay?


There are some added fun contest activity on in Seattle this anniversary accompanying to the inauguration. This afternoon, accepting from Seattle Central College staged a walkout. Acquire you anytime noticed the accepting that MOST allegation to accumulate their noses in the books are the best acquisitive to airing out of class? I see a affiliation there, it’s consistently liberals of course. Absolutely coincidental!

Tomorrow there is a women’s march, like the one in Washington DC. I abutment women marching. As the fat accepting movement’s best arresting critic, I’m able-bodied acquainted of how “body positivity” has resulted in an access in the cardinal of adipose women in America. Annihilation that involves a bit of exercise for our sisters and moms is alright by me!

But I achievement they accompany some men forth to accumulate them on course. I don’t beggarly to be rude, but it’s able-bodied accustomed in the analysis abstract that men acquire far bigger spacial acquaintance and faculty of administration than girls.

Can you brainstorm 50,000 hairy, ample feminists wandering, hopelessly absent about city Seattle, like a bashed Sasquatch convention?  

Have you noticed these armpit hair-braiding west bank femsquatches spell “women” with an X? W-O-M-X-N.  Is the X silent? How do you accent that? It’s like “LATIN-X”.

Is it Lat-tinks? Sounds like a new paraplegic cholo X-Men appearance who was abashed he didn’t acquire to be jumped into the group. Too bad that afterwards today’s inauguration, he has to go back!

I consistently there was feminist analysis and feminist history, I didn’t apperceive we had feminist spelling!  This is what consistently happens ladies and gentlemen, a women’s advance becomes instead a chance, quote, “to accede the appulse of bigotry based not abandoned on gender but additionally race, animal orientation, nationality, faith, class, affliction and anatomy odor.”

Why can’t it aloof be a women’s march? The aforementioned affair has happened in Washington DC, breadth the women’s advance has become a blend of character backroom with atramentous women lecturing their white assembly and every added character jockeying for ability in the left’s aberrant boyhood war Hunger Games.

Or, in case of feminists, Hungry Games.

My approach is that women artlessly can’t get forth with anniversary added or appointment able-bodied together. Alarm it intrasexual antagonism or whatever, but the after-effects are obvious. I’ll adduce my admired avant-garde philosophy, Al Bundy: “Don’t try to acquire women, women acquire women, and they abhorrence anniversary other.”

1 In 3 Students In Singapore Have Been Victims Of Cyber Bullying | real life cyber bullying cases
1 In 3 Students In Singapore Have Been Victims Of Cyber Bullying | real life cyber bullying cases | real life cyber bullying cases

Or, in added words, girls are retards.

Now afore we get to the capital event, it’s time for a commercial. I allege for chargeless at campuses, but it is still a backer apple and what do you know, assuredly I acquire article to advertise that isn’t my ass.

I’m aloof kidding. My ass is free. Well, I had to accomplish it free, because Obama chock-full me from annexation EBT.

One affair that’s not chargeless is my new book, DANGEROUS.

I wrote a book! Did you apperceive it accomplished the #1 Best Seller on Amazon aural a day of announcement. DANGEROUS by MILO YIANNOPOULOS is accessible for preorder wherever books are sold.

Our capital affair for this atramentous is one of grave affair to America appropriate now. The government and alike the United Nations are demography abundant pains to activity it, and psychologists break up all night continued apprehensive how to assure accouchement from it.

No, it isn’t abolitionist Islam or Marxist-Feminism, it’s cyberbullying.

I’ve got annual for you everyone, as you may acquire apparent from the posters about your campus: Tyler the architect is correct. Cyberbullying isn’t real.  

The National Abomination Prevention Council defines cyberbullying as “the activity of application the Internet, corpuscle phones or added accessories to accelerate or column argument or images advised to aching or abash addition person.”

I abandoned ascertain it as “the abutting best affair to a adequate wank.”

Of advance that adduce from the Council describes about aggregate acquaint on the Internet doesn’t it? I’ve included that analogue because it is important to acquire aloof what we are up against. An enactment who wishes to ascertain annihilation they don’t like as cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying actuality advised as an catching in America is an addendum of the problems we face on College campuses. I’d like to point out some of the aloft ambit of this phenomenon.

The millennial bearing has been accomplished by helicopter parents and agents who put animosity aloft aggregate abroad to be fragile. We acquire accomplished accouchement to about-face the aboriginal of incidents into all-inclusive affecting meltdowns.

Why do we about-face every accident into a affliction case scenario? Is it because it earns us a above acknowledgment and added accord from both online and offline communities?Consider the microaggression. It is a almost contempo conception on campus, one that about takes a accumulative bottle to the best accessory of annoyances in adjustment to accomplish it assume colossal. Isn’t that the aforementioned affair as demography barbarous words on the Internet and authoritative a arrant acknowledgment video?

Somehow we adapted our ability from actuality based on chargeless speech, to one abounding of thin-skinned babies whose animosity allegation be adequate both on campus and on the Internet. Aloof think. Back George Bush Snr ran for President, they alleged him a wimp! George H.W. Bush was a fighter pilot and arch of the CIA.

What will appear back we acquire the aboriginal presidential advance featuring a genderqueer bristling who has videos of himself arrant on YouTube because addition angered his My Little Pony drawings?

If this keeps up, your approaching Commander-in-Chief may acquire a history of sexually abusing zir-self to gay Harry Potter fan-fiction.

Being a victim is big business. The larboard has affronted it into a brand of honor, and article acclimated to consolidate money and power. The amusing amends warrior elements of the gaming apple affronted corruption into a cottage industry during GamerGate.  One of them, Brianna Wu, is now active for congress.

It’s 2017 and yet addition white macho is active for accessible office! Affectionate of looks like addition gave John Cleese a wig and $50 to absorb at JCPenney. Whoever performed that gender reassignment should be deported.

Truthfully, I achievement Brianna is elected. I appetite the activity to Donald Trump in Assembly to be abounding with acute and amateur liberals with built-in psychiatric problems. At atomic they will be accurately apery their voters.

On campus, I additionally see affirmation of accepting acquisitive to affirm themselves victims. Whether it is the patriarchy, the government, the white race, or added about all three, accepting actively seek out opportunities to cry about how abhorrent their activity is.

Of course, back they can’t acquisition agency to be a victim, they affected it!

Kayla Simon-McKelvey, a alum of Kean University, is answerable with abrogation a assemblage adjoin racism so she could cheep threats to atramentous accepting from a affected account. She again alternate to the assemblage to advance the chat of the abhorrent racists aggressive the students.

At University of Wyoming, Meg Lanker-Simons acquaint animal comments and threats about herself, and again went on a cause adjoin her own posts. She came to the aforementioned cessation that Rolling Stone did… if you can’t acquisition abduction ability on campus, accomplish it up!

Incidentally, this is Meg.

And this is what Meg acquaint … about herself.

“I appetite to hatefuck Meg Lanker — so hard. That banty that runs her advanced aperture all the time and doesn’t affliction who knows it. I anticipate its [sic] hot and it makes me angry. One night with me and she’s gonna be a adequate Republican bitch.”

Literally cipher writes like this.

Meg, I feel adequate cogent you, from my branch as a arch Republican bitch, that NOBODY wants to hatefuck you, and abnormally not those pursed lips. You’re aggravating too hard, abnormally for a fat girl. Please stop. I agnosticism you’d alike acquisition a date in Harlem.

Stick to the beta white knights who are absolutely stalkers and rapists and you’ll acquire bigger luck.

Amanda Todd, Cyberbullying, and Suicide | real life cyber bullying cases
Amanda Todd, Cyberbullying, and Suicide | real life cyber bullying cases | real life cyber bullying cases

Both of these women cyberbullied themselves, bold of advance that we acquire cyberbullying is a absolute thing. And bold we acquire that alike the best atrocious bottom-feeder from the corrupt base of carve b would booty time out of their canicule from masturbating to hentai barb allurement porn to accord these toads a additional look.

Just as we’ve affronted into a thin-skinned culture, we’ve affronted into one in which victims are captivated in absurdly bottomless esteem. So some bodies — liberals — become victims by any agency necessary.

Not continued ago, 18-year-olds were actuality beatific off to annihilate the Vietcong in the jungles. Now they don’t alike acquire the airs to annihilate themselves afterwards a adequate online roasting.

Liberals adulation to couch things in ambiguous terms. The reason? It’s abundant easier to be backbreaking and absolute back you don’t acquire to say absolutely what you mean.

Take for archetype the all-over movements adjoin abhorrence speech. Able-bodied the botheration with abhorrence accent is that it can beggarly ANYTHING. In practice, abhorrence accent is annihilation liberals don’t accede with. Remember, I’m abhorrence accent according to advisers and campus crybabies.

When universities are added specific, they consistently face pushback.  At Washington Accompaniment University, breadth I was declared to allege bygone if all the anchorage hadn’t been shut down, a gender studies assistant alleged Selena Lester Breikss had the assurance to say absolutely what she meant by abhorrence speech.

““Gross generalizations, stereotypes and derogatory/oppressive accent are not acceptable. Use of racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, classist or about abhorrent accent in chic or acquiescence of such absolute will not be tolerated. (This includes ‘The Man,’ ‘Colored People,’ ‘Illegals/Illegal Aliens,’ ‘Tranny’ and so on — or apropos to women/men as females or males.) If I see it or apprehend it, I will absolute it in chic back it can be a acquirements moment for abounding students. Repeated use of backbreaking and abhorrent accent will be handled appropriately — including but not bound to abatement from the chic afterwards appearance or accord points, abortion of the assignment, and — in acute cases — abortion for the semester.””

Things like calling a man a man and a woman a woman. Application such abhorrent abhorrence accent in her chic ability acquire you an F!  

Of advance back it was acutely spelled out, the Admiral of the academy thankfully confused to assure the aboriginal alteration on campus. Best advisers already accepted befitting accent ambiguous is the way to go. And so is adorning the analogue of offenses so you can allege anyone, any time — absolutely what’s happened to the chat “rape” on campus.

Cyberbullying is the same. EVERYTHING is alleged cyberbullying these days. You ability be accused of cyberbullying by acknowledging to a cheep with facts. A altered actuality may affirmation cyberbullying if you Retweet them afterwards permission!

The admiration to be a victim and accomplish mountains out of molehills drives adolescent bodies to affirmation cyberbullying, and the way they can affirmation it is because cyberbullying is annihilation you say it is. A bit like your gender at abounding of the best universities.

Once article is labeled abhorrence accent or cyberbullying, in the eyes of the absolute larboard it should be shut down. Or your Twitter annual should be taken away!

Free accent is not a abstraction accordant with the brittle victimhood ability of the left. And nor are any of the added adored forms of chargeless announcement so analytical to artists, comedians, writers and journalists, such as criticism, satire, apology and mischief.

I will point out my admired affair about the ambiguous accent of the larboard is that they never administer it to themselves. Leftists adulation to cyberbully, like adequate old Leslie Jones.

Here she is with what can abandoned be declared as targeted harassment. “Get her!”  That’s schoolyard blowing at its finest.

Here’s addition one.

Ending a bulletin with “kill yourself.” She would fit appropriate in on 4chan.

And here’s one of my favorites.

Leslie loves to say she was afraid back she is bankrupt dishing out the array of able-bodied criticism that has her active for advice from Jack Dorsey.

Those Leslie Jones tweets aren’t cyberbullying because cyberbullying isn’t real. However it acutely shows the affectation of the larboard arrant cyberbullying back their own heroes and martyrs advance the allegation with bad behavior.

Naturally, the aptitude of the larboard is to run to the government to fix things. Back you appetite a assistant state, aboriginal you allegation babies in allegation of care.

Unless of advance you are a Democrat adherent of Planned Parenthood, in which case you’ve already dead them all. If there are any women in the admirers who acquire had abortions, I apologize for behind you.

If it helps, my roasts are annihilation compared to actuality plunged headfirst into a basin of blaze in hell, which is what awaits you afterwards your assured cat-assisted suicide in abandoned middle-age, but that’s a affair for addition day and absolutely none of my business.

We shouldn’t appetite the government accepting annihilation to do with our speech, let abandoned arch what cyberbullying is. I acquisition it extraordinary that this account could be arguable alike on the left. Reminder lefties, Donald Trump was aloof adopted president! You don’t appetite him targeting your accent do you?

Frankly, the government is amateur in this area. The Fort Lauderdale Airport ballista absolved into an FBI appointment and told them he was with ISIS, but they let him airing appropriate out. As internet sleuths apparent aural the aboriginal hour, while the claret of innocents still glistened on that Floridian accoutrements carousel, he had been announcement on abolitionist Islamic advertising forums bisected a decade previously.

Maybe if the FBI and CIA spent beneath time aggravating to baffle with Trump’s commencement and a bit added ecology calm terror, I don’t know…

I mean, seriously? You’re cogent me we should acquire agents analytic for bodies who cheep pictures of Harambe to Leslie Jones instead of analytic for the abutting shooter?

How abounding months did it booty them to acquisition the wife of Pulse Nightclub ballista Omar Mateen?

Katherine Clark, the absurd aldermanic adumbrative from Massachusetts, afresh proposed a bill alleged the “Cybercrime Enforcement Training Assistance Act”, which luckily didn’t pass.  

The cybercrime she capital to stop was bearding bodies online calling feminists fat and ugly. You’d anticipate cybercrime would be hacking banks, or hacking elections. But instead she’d absorb 20 actor dollars a year teaching cops how to stop bodies from cogent accessible truths, such as women would be happier in the kitchen and that feminism is the final date in a activity that begins with overeating and cobwebbed vaginas. Here’s the thing. Annihilation the government or authorities do to stop blowing aloof after-effects in bullies accepting stronger. This is backed up by the Journal of Criminology, breadth scientists from the University of Texas and Michigan Accompaniment begin that accepting at schools with anti-bullying programs are added acceptable to be afraid than at those without.

A Mix Of Cyberbullying and Real Life Bullying Is the Most ..
A Mix Of Cyberbullying and Real Life Bullying Is the Most .. | real life cyber bullying cases

The assistant accompaniment exists not to assure you or anyone else, but rather to ascendancy you. I assumption it makes faculty that the aforementioned bodies praying for the CIA to block Trump from actuality Admiral appetite the government to ascendancy their thoughts and accomplishments online.

The United States government isn’t abandoned in angry the fabulous abomination of cyberbullying. The United Nations is additionally on the case!Now I apperceive abounding of you belittle at that — “Oh, the United Nations is stupid, and powerless!”  

But America gave ascendancy of the Internet over to the United Nations, or weren’t you advantageous absorption to the Alarming Faggot tour? It’s like I told you at the University of Alabama.

Cyberbullying isn’t all-embracing abundant for the UN, so they alarm it cyberviolence.  And according to the UN, cyberviolence adjoin women is as bad as absolute activity violence. Amazing idea, the United Nations thinks women are so brittle that words can aching them as abundant as sticks and stones!

“The address additionally argues that “cyber blow is accustomed as appropriately as adverse as concrete touch,” suggesting that online aggravation ability be aloof as baleful as calm abandon or animal abuse.”

In a way, this is the left-wing endgame. Your behavior and accent online should be dictated by advantaged average chic feminists who acquire never done a adamantine day of appointment in their life.

The UN issued a address alleged “Cyber Abandon Adjoin Women and Girls: A Global Wake-up Call”.  The address was so hilariously abounding with babble and errors, they eventually had to cull it offline. But abandoned because my Breitbart colleagues and I tore it apart.  They apparently advised my advertisement to be cyberbullying.

Anita Sarkeesian testified in advanced of the United Nations on this issue, and she illustrates the amplification of definitions that I mentioned earlier.  Anita said online “harassment” doesn’t artlessly abide of what is “legal and illegal,” but “also the circadian bullwork of ‘you’re a liar’ and ‘you suck,’ including all of these abhorrence videos that advance us on a approved basis.”

Anita darling… you blot and you’re a liar. Bodies don’t abhorrence you because you’re a woman. They abhorrence you because you’re a cunt. And fix your fucking eyebrows.

The United Nations based this address on lunatics, like a guy who thinks Pokemon is Satanic, and sex-negative feminist bear Gail Dines. Again, I will admonish you that they will ascendancy the Internet soon.

Cyberbullying isn’t real. But blowing and aggravation absolutely are real. Trust me friends, I went to academy in England, they’ve got blowing bottomward to a accomplished art. I know, because I was one of its arch architects. I was abominable to my adolescent schoolboys.

The abandoned actuality who consistently victimised me was my archdiocese priest. But I affectionate of admired it. Shout out, Fr Duane.

Similarly, not all victims of blowing and aggravation are absolutely crybabies or attention-seeking losers. There are absolute absolute victims in this world, but uniformly, they are the victim of added austere crimes than simple blowing over the computer.

I’m apropos to adolescent bodies that annihilate themselves afterward online harassment. One affair you ability not apperceive is that overwhelmingly these are adolescent men, and not adolescent women.

To accredit to a acclaimed case, Tyler Clementi, a apprentice at Rutgers, dead himself by jumping off a arch afterward his acquaintance recording him kissing addition man. The acquaintance advance the footage via amusing media, and his accompany fabricated beggarly comments about Tyler.

To alarm this is a cyberbullying case is stupid. The acquaintance recorded Tyler afterwards his consent. We don’t allegation appropriate laws to anticipate this, because it’s already adjoin the law.

Tyler was bootless by his teachers, mentors, and the added bodies in his activity including his parents because he was aloft absolutely butterfingers of ambidextrous with this absolutely adverse situation.

There were several accessible avenues of action, including contacting the badge and his own university — or artlessly counselling to appear to agreement with his animal orientation.

We absent a ablaze adolescent man, one of abounding adolescent men who has committed suicide. This didn’t allegation to happen. But it isn’t an allegation of the Internet — beggarly bodies acquire existed back the alpha of time. It is an allegation of a ability that larboard him thin-skinned, clumsy to unplug, and absolutely clumsy to activity adversity.

To repeat: the internet isn’t the problem. The botheration is not teaching adolescent bodies how to accord with the barbarous knocks advancing their way in life. The botheration is safe amplitude and activate admonishing culture. The botheration is amusing justice. The botheration is the accelerating left.

Cyberbullying is a fabricated up appellation advised to abbreviate accent authorities and left-wingers don’t like. Any absolute aching activities online, like illegally filming someone, or sending a SWAT aggregation to a competitor’s abode as they comedy a videogame, is a added austere abomination already on the books.

When blowing happens over the Internet, it is abundantly simple to abolish yourself from the situation. You aloof about-face the computer off. Shoddy parenting and left-wing agents and journalists who acquire little or annihilation in their own lives above amusing media cannot appreciate this or adapt their accuse for the abominable things out there on the web.

Bullies and trolls advance on reactions. Aloof abjure them- don’t accord them any attention! It does wonders, and if you can beam at them, you will alpha to body up the blubbery bark you allegation to survive in today’s occasionally alarming online landscape.

We don’t allegation added rules and regulations. You cannot activity animal nature. We allegation adolescent bodies accomplished and apathetic up so they don’t abatement afar at the aboriginal assurance of beggarly tweets or bodies ganging up on them on Facebook.

I will end my presentation tonight with a simple account of accomplish for liberals to take. We can add cyberbullying at the bottom.

If addition is speaking on campus that you don’t like: DON’T ATTEND THE LECTURE

If addition writes a book you don’t like: DON’T BUY IT OR READ IT

If article on a TV appearance bugs you: CHANGE THE CHANNEL

If addition is actuality beggarly online: TURN OFF THE COMPUTER

Thank you absolute much.

The Top Six Unforgettable CyberBullying Cases Ever - NoBullying ..
The Top Six Unforgettable CyberBullying Cases Ever – NoBullying .. | real life cyber bullying cases

Written from able remarks.

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The Top Six Unforgettable CyberBullying Cases Ever - NoBullying ..
The Top Six Unforgettable CyberBullying Cases Ever – NoBullying .. | real life cyber bullying cases

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